Cool Aquariums

Cool Aquariums9.21069

These are just a few of the amazing and intricate designs people come up with for aquariums.

This is like a fun park for fish.  Very cool design, the fish might get confused which tank they are in.

Crazy Aquarium

You can be lazy and still feed the fish without getting up…. what a novel concept.

Sofa Aquarium

Brush your teeth and watch the fish, at least now you have an excuse for forgetting to floss.  Watching the fish can be very hypnotic.

Sink Aquarium

An aquarium for those Star Wars fanatics out there.

R2 D2 Aquarium

Fish deserve music too!

I-Pod Aquarium

There are a few channels…fish…fish……and fish.

Tv Aquarium

This sign moves and not with lights.  Very convincing, I would go to the aquarium just because of the sign.

Sign Aquarium

Somebody pays attention to detail very well… Amazing design!

Green Aquarium

A aquarium fit for Tarzan.

Jungle Aquarium

I would like to take a hike in this aquarium.

Outside Aquarium

Mt. Everest?…………Well for the fish maybe.

Mountain Aquarium

Don’t flush the fish!?

Toilet Aquarium…yep that’s the only website.

Computer Aquarium

Play a game and the fish can play too…

Coffee Table Aquarium

Just keep the aquarium unplugged and everything will be fine… If not you might have a fish smoothie.

Blender Aquarium

Make a call and watch fish swim….cool.

Tele Aquarium

The outgoing employee on “Take your pet to work day.”

Desk Aquariums

If I were a fish I would get claustrophobic in the tube between tanks.

Long Aquarium

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