Annoying Algae

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Algae Is Annoying

Algae can be the single reason preventing you from starting or continuing owning an aquarium.  Cleaning you’re tank every week can be a hassle and not fun.  If you are just staring a tank there are a few steps that can prevent algae and you will almost never have to.  Personally I have had algae troubles and I tried many things but now I found the right combination of things to keep you fish tank clean for years.  If you do not have an aquarium yet and follow the steps below to keep your tank clean for years.

1.When buying a tank, I would buy a bigger fish tank at least 20 gallons, but bigger is better.  Also check out the article Deciding On A Fish Tank and Supplies.

2.Buy some Bristle Nose Plecostomus they are great fish and will keep the algae to a minimal, (not all algae is bad a little black algae is helpful).

3.Finally change the filters monthly and your tank will be algae free.

If you already have an aquarium just buy some Bristle Nose Plecostomus and change your filters monthly.  Also clean your tank every week for a month until the Plecostomus can catch up to the algae.  This article can also be found on the Tank Troubleshooting page.

If you have any questions please post a comment.

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