Cool Aquariums

These are just a few of the amazing and intricate designs people come up with for aquariums. This is like a fun park for fish.  Very cool design, the fish might get confused which tank they are in. You can be lazy and still feed the fish without getting up…. what a novel concept. Brush […]

Fish Tank Advice is a site dedicated to helping you with any and all of your fish tank questions and or comments.  Why would we do this?  We enjoy aquariums it is our hobby.  Feel free to post comments on how we can improve the site or answer any questions you might have.  We appreciate the feedback, […]

Annoying Algae

Algae Is Annoying Algae can be the single reason preventing you from starting or continuing owning an aquarium.  Cleaning you’re tank every week can be a hassle and not fun.  If you are just staring a tank there are a few steps that can prevent algae and you will almost never have to.  Personally I […]

Fish Of The Month (November)

Cory Cats Scientific Name: Corydoras spp. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Silurformes Family: Callichthyide Genus: Corydoras Species: Corydoras Geoffrey Location: Found in South America. Size: Range from 3 to five centimeters. Life Span: Lives an average of 3.5 years. Habits: Cory Cats are timid; they enjoy groups of three or four of themselves. […]

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